How Many Cigars Are Enough For Christmas Guests?

The holidays are the perfect time to savor the best cigars for Christmas. You can enjoy fine quality, hand rolled cigars when you shop Federal Cigar. To prepare for family gatherings, it may be best to simply take a quick count of who would like to enjoy a cigar during the Christmas holidays. Then, purchase a few extra, just in case. For holiday parties, you may actually want to order cigars equal to the number of guests invited. Those who are not smoking could take a holiday cigar home to a family member or as a party memento. If your budget is limited, simply order cigars for about half the guests.  

If this many guest are attending Christmas...'ll need about this many cigars.
5 - 15 3 - 10
15 - 25 10 - 20
25 -35 20 - 30

Hand Rolled Cigars for Christmas

The season of giving is often the ideal time to splurge on rare cigar! Whether you are buying one for yourself or as a gift, we can help you consider the quality and suitability of the smoke. We can guide you in ordering a festive Christmas cigar box for those on your list who would enjoy expertly crafted cigars produced by a premier plantation. The season of cheer can be a great time to give Christmas cigar gift sets featuring tobacco from rich-growing regions. Or simply share your own flavorful favorites with friends and family. At Federal Cigar, we are a boutique shop, providing hand rolled, premium cigars, packaged for freshness and the ideal presentation. Our products are sure to please those with even the most discerning of tastes.

Where Do I Find Cigar Christmas Gifts?

Federal Cigar is proud to offer quality products that family members can experience together. Smoking a cigar slows the hectic pace of life and lets you take in the special moments of season. It can add an air of sophistication to the smoking lounge at the holiday gala. The advice of a knowledgeable tobacconist can be valuable when you are deciding on Christmas cigar gifts. If you plan on ordering cigars online for a special occasion, remember, we are a trusted supplier with a long, respected history. Our goal is for our friendly service to be available to all types of smokers and cigar gift-givers, from all walks of life.