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Cigar Wedding Packages

25 Cigars plus everything you need to enjoy them!

Our fine wedding package consists of 25 cigars, plus cutters, lighters and ashtrays. Everything you need for an instant cigar bar! It all arrives in our custom Federal Cigar box. Just carry it in, open it up and your wedding party will be celebrating your moment with some great smokes!

The basic package comes with 10 Mild, 8 Medium and 7 Medium-Full strength cigars selected by our cigar loving staff. Your package will contain cigars from several different vendors and variety of shapes and sizes. Your package is shipped free by Priority Mail to retain freshness. Each package contains a Boveda Humidification packet which will keep your cigars fresh in the package for up to two weeks before your big day.

If you need more than 25 cigars, simply order multiple packages. Each will arrive in its own box. This is also a great way to add more variety to your smokes since selection may vary box to box! 

If you have experienced smokers you may wish to order them a Premium or Luxury Package which contain some truly wonderful cigars.