How Many Cigars Should I Order For My Wedding?

You may already know which of your guests are avid smokers, but on your big day, guests who don’t smoke may be inclined to light up. Some non-smokers even collect personalized wedding cigars. Typically, we recommend ordering enough cigars for at least half your guests, but in many cases, our customers order more.

If you're inviting this many guests...'ll need about this many cigars.
25 - 50 Guests 10 - 20 Cigars
50 - 100 Guests 20 - 40 Cigars
100 - 200 Guests 50 - 85 Cigars
200 - 500 Guests 100 - 200 Cigars

What Kind Of Cigars Should I Order For My Wedding Guests?

Whether you are a cigar connoisseur or a total novice, cigars are a great way to add style to your reception. Help everyone enjoy the special gift by choosing a variety of cigars suited to your guests' various levels of experience. Federal Cigar's wedding collections are curated for a broad audience. Show your guests appreciation, whether they are a social smoker or cigar aficionado.

Order Beautiful Wedding Cigar Boxes & Packages

The difference between a great party and an unforgettable celebration is all in the details. Free drinks, delicious food, and great music are an easy recipe for success. To create a standout event, add thoughtful amenities to entertain and surprise your guests. Quality handmade cigars are an ideal accompaniment for wedding festivities and add a unique personal touch.

We make it easy to set up a polished cigar bar. From lighters and cutters to ashtrays, our beautifully crafted boxes include every you need to get started. At Federal Cigar, we guarantee our wedding cigar packages arrive top quality. All products are from our carefully selected collection of boutique, hand rolled products. Our inventory is kept in a controlled environment. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored for optimum freshness. We ship to you fast, so each cigar arrives in the best condition possible.