New Baby Cigars: Celebrate the Good News

How Many Cigars Are Enough For My New Baby Announcement Party?

It’s a long-standing tradition – sharing the wonderful news about the birth of a child by passing out cigars. Babies often arrive unexpectedly, and that means parents-to-be must plan ahead. They may even need help from family members to make sure they have cigars for a new baby on hand. Having birth celebration cigars on hand is must have. You will want to have cigars to pass out at the hospital or when close friends, neighbors, and work associates offer their congratulations. How you choose to follow the new baby cigar tradition is a personalized decision.

If this many guest are attending...'ll need about this many cigars.
5 - 15 3 - 10 Cigars
15 - 25 8 - 13 Cigars
25 - 35 13 - 18 Cigars
35 - 50 18 - 25 Cigars

Birth Celebration Cigar Packages

New Baby Boy or Girl? We Have You Covered.

Federal Cigar offers birth celebration cigar packages to continue a generations-old custom. With our extensive product selection, we make it simple to let people know congratulations are in order with cigars for a new baby boy or girl. Choose cigars that are family favorites or look at our suggestions for announcing a child’s birth. It’s easy to add blue or pink bands with “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” messaging to any cigar you order. Our online cigar shop is a natural extension of our neighborhood tobacco business with its distinguished history of serving customers from all walks of life.

Can I Get Quality Cigars For New Babies Fast?

We ship fast, but ordering cigars early and storing them in the proper environment can be a smart move! Then, you’ll be prepared to enjoy our natural, hand rolled cigars after the birth of a child. Smoke with friends or when you need that moment alone to relax in a quiet place after the little one is fast asleep. Our guidance is here if and when it is needed by parents, grandparents, and any family members who wish to announce that a beautiful new life has arrived. Whether you are following in a father’s footsteps or starting your own tradition, we have the knowledge to answer your questions and the products to meet your needs at Federal Cigar.