Wine Cigar Pairings - Where Do I Start?

There is a stigma in the industry that wine and cigar pairings are one of the trickiest to pull off. Both are an amazing sources of enjoyment by themselves, so balancing the flavor, body and complexity of each can be a challenge. But when they are successfully paired together, it is an incredible experience. So pop open a bottle, light up a cigar, and indulge!

While there are plenty of ways to pair wine with a cigar, reds tend to be best. A flavorful, full-bodied red wine will often pair wonderfully with a rich cigar.

White wines are paired with cigars less often, yet there is plenty of opportunity for a perfect match. Follow these guidelines: Cigars with lighter, more mellow structure are usually good companions. Chardonnay is the easiest white wine to pair with cigars, mainly because of its extended time in oak barrels.

Sparkling wines, whether Champagne, Cava, Prosecco or others, pair well with almost any food. The same guideline applies to cigars. The celebratory nature of bubbly and cigars is a natural pairing guaranteed to kick start any party.

Pairing Cigars And Wine Is An Art

...not a science. We encourage you to experiment and try different combinations. Learn what you prefer. A glass of wine and a cigar may taste great by themselves, but when paired together, the combination may not work. But there are no rules here, so we encourage you to enjoy what tastes good to you.

Hosting a gathering with friends? Serve a few varieties of both wine and cigars so guests can find a pairing they enjoy. Our packages of boutique, hand rolled cigars are of the highest quality and certain to impress experienced and novice smokers alike. Trust Federal Cigar to deliver endless pleasure with every sip and every puff.