Choosing Cigars To Send Our Troops

The men and women serving in our military may be cigar aficionados or simply occasional smokers. Either way, when choosing cigars for our troops, you should look to Federal Cigar. We provide an extensive selection of cigars to satisfy the personal tastes of a wide range of smokers who have various levels of cigar experience. We’re proud to provide hand rolled cigars with the quality that our service members deserve. Those in all branches of the military welcome cigars to enjoy during those rare opportunities they have precious minutes to unwind. Each Federal product is maintained in the optimal environmental conditions until it is ready to be shipped, quickly, to you or a member of our Armed Forces. We offer cigars that are properly packaged to arrive in excellent condition, ensuring maximum smoking pleasure.

The Best Cigar Gifts for Military Members

A box of handmade cigars can be the ideal gift to send to those who are serving in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard. Cigar gifts for the military are truly appreciated, whether the servicemember is stationed in the U.S., overseas, or in a combat zone. When a cigar-loving soldier is on active duty, there is limited time for relaxation and conversation over a smoke. That’s why a slow-burning cigar is the ideal accompaniment to R&R. Federal Cigar is an iconic business staffed by dedicated tobacconists who are eager to share our passion for premium cigars from around the globe with our customers. We have carried the community-focused attitude of our neighborhood shop into our online store. We appreciate the sacrifices that are military members make every day, putting their lives on the line for our freedom, and we say Thank you!