Aromatics tend to be made primarily of Burley tobacco because of its light nature.  Flavorings and sugars are added during the process to provide the different aromas and flavors.  Aromatics produce a very appealing room aroma.
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Golden Cavendish blend with a hint of fire-cured tobaccos providing a mellow taste and a flavorful aroma.

Dark Navy Flake


This unique blend uses high grade Virginias which are transformed through pressure, aging and light stoving to produce a beautiful dark pungent cake. It is sweet without being too strong and stout of body.

Dover Sweet English


A characteristic English mixture with a sweet twist. A mixture developed from mellow Orientals, some Virginias, a little Latakia, and a bit of sweetness added. A great blend for someone who wishes to try an English blend for the first time.

Federal English


Latakia combined with old belt Virginias and Orientals for a classic blend. This distinctive English/Balkan blend produces a variety of flavors in a full-bodied and very distinct blend.
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